Where Charity and Love Are

SATB a cappella
"Ubi Caritas" with the familiar chant theme moving through all voices.

HMM 22C4011 Price:   $1.00 per copy license fee
Timing:   5:20

Number of Pages:   16

Difficulty:   MD

Occasion/theme:   Charity, unity, Maundy Thursday, general
Text Source:           Traditional ad. C.J. Hoh
Tune Source:         9th Century chant & original music

Notes:   Two versions in English, traditional and ecumenical, inclusive translation. For an all-Latin score, send an email. Also available as an organ chorale prelude on "Ubi Caritas" (not for accompanying choir) and as a string orchestra/quartet piece (which works to accompany choir). Click here for a slideshow performance of "Where Charity And Love Are" on YouTube.



Where Charity and Love Are Midi File